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Laptop DC Jack Repair Service. Fast & Affordable Laptop DC Jack Repairs in Long Island, NY and beyond.

You always get premium laptop DC jack repair service and affordable rates here at LI Computer Repairs ™. Even the highest quality laptops break and frequently the DC jack can be the first problem you experience with your laptop. We understand this is very frustrating but don't worry, we can help! You have come to the right place if you need a professional Long Island company with affordable prices for all laptop computer DC jack repairs including:

  • Premium Laptop DC Jack Repair
    Your laptop will actually be stronger after we fix your broken DC jack than it was when you purchased it brand new!

    We actually upgrade everything including the jack itself and bonding agent which is used to connect it to the motherboard. You always get a full 1 year warranty! We have a laptop DC jack repair specialist to work on your laptop with over 10 years experience fixing all kinds of broken DC jacks.

Call Toll Free (800) 482-1320

Here at LI Computer Repairs ™ (LICR) our team is proud to offer you fast, affordable, professional laptop DC jack repair service. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our techs are friendly and have years of experience working on even the most complicated laptop computer repair problems. So, if you are currently having problems with your laptop computer don't worry. We are here for you!

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You get fast, affordable, professional Long Island laptop DC jack repair service.

You get over a decade of experience fixing laptop DC jacks here at LI Computer Repairs. We back all computer jack repair & replacement work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee & 12 month warranty. You always get the highest quality replacement parts and premium quality computer repair service which is always performed by friendly, experienced, professional computer technicians.

Broken DC Jack - My laptop DC jack is not working properly

There are a few ways to check if your DC jack is not working properly or broken. First, it is important to understand that laptops are very fragile especially the inside and outer DC jack contact points. You can assume that unless you have always been extremely careful when plugging it in and unplugging it there is some wear and tear on your unit.

  • The laptop gets no power at all

  • The laptop only operates when you hold the DC power plug in a certain direction and the plug may seem loose rather than firm

  • The laptop only runs on battery power (no power is getting through the DC jack)

  • The laptop will not charge the battery

  • The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently due to a loose or broken power jack

  • The laptop suddenly shuts off

  • Sparks come out of the back of the laptop when you insert the power plug into the DC jack

How a DC Jack Breaks - There are many ways you can break your laptops DC jack without even realizing it

  • If you are rough with your unit (not extremely careful) then chances are you may loosen the connection or break it completely. The DC power jack on most laptop computers simply don't have enough reinforcement within the structure of the casing and motherboard to handle the stress caused by basic usage and movement.

  • Some laptops develop a DC jacks problem after normal usage. The power jack assembly is usually designed for only a couple of years of careful useage, anything more is a bonus. Evidence of this is the short term warranty offer from the original manufacturer.

  • If you drop or jerk the laptop around while it is plugged in; or if you kick or step on the cord while it is connected chances are you may loosen the DC Jack connection. This is probably the most common of all the examples listed here.

  • In some cases the DC jack was not soldered onto the motherboard well by the manufacturer

If you have a broken laptop DC jack we can help. We fix all laptop DC jacks of all sizes and we will guarantee/warranty our work for 12 months. We can fix properly or replace any and all of the following laptop brands (all sizes from: 14 inch laptops, 15 inch laptop DC jacks, 17 inch, 19 inch etc.) & all other sizes repaired properly:

  • Acer laptop DC jack repairs
  • Alienware laptop DC jack replacement
  • Asus laptop DC jack repair
  • Compaq laptop DC jack repairs
  • Dell laptop DC jack repairs
  • eMachines DC jack repairs
  • Gateway laptop DC jack repairs
  • HP laptop DC jack repairs
  • IBM laptop DC jack repairs
  • Lenovo DC jack repair
  • NetBook laptop DC jack repairs
  • Notebook DC jack replacement
  • Panasonic laptop DC jack repairs
  • Samsung laptop DC jack repairs
  • Sony laptop DC jack repairs
  • Toshiba laptop DC jack repairs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) from customers about our laptop DJ jack repair service.

What brand of laptops do you provide DC jack repairs for?

Our lead technician has 7+ years experience providing complete laptop DC jack repair service for ALL LAPTOP BRANDS! Although this problem can occur with all types of units, we certainly see issues with some more than others:

  • Toshiba - we fix many Toshiba Satellite Series DC power jacks
  • Dell - we do many Inspiron & Latitude DC power jack repairs
  • Acer - we do many Acer Aspire DC power jack repairs
  • Sony - we do a lot of Vaio DC power jack repairs
  • IBM - Thinkpad DC power jack repairs we see a lot of these
  • HP - Omnibook & Pavilion are DC power jack repair culprits
  • Compaq - We see a lot of broken Presario units not just the dc power jack
  • Gateway - We certainly see a lot of Gateway units as well as some machines, Samsung, Asus and Panasonic laptop DC power jack repairs.

How do I ship my laptop to you for DC power jack repair?

Please make sure you read our Laptop Shipping Instructions page or call toll free for details on the best way to ship your laptop to us.

Why are some other services cheaper? How much does my laptop DC power jack repair or replacement cost?

Here at LICR we only provide the premium version of this repair unlike some companies that will do a cheaper job but NEVER offer a 12 month guarantee! There is a good reason for this, we ONLY use the highest quality parts and our technicians are using special machinery they have 10+ years operating so we have no problem backing our work with a 12 month guarantee.

How do I pay you for my DC jack repair?

The easiest way (and the way most of our customers simply prefer to pay) is via any major credit or debit card over the phone. We can also email you an invoice via Paypal for your DC jack repair if that's more convenient for you. You may pay by personal check, but we must wait for the funds to clear before we can ship your laptop. Obviously we must receive payment before we can ship your laptop back to you after the jack has been replaced.

How long does your DC jack repair service take?

We repair laptops in the order received. Turnaround time on our DC power jack repair is typically 1 or 2 business days. Other repair centers advertise same day service on DC jack repair, but state otherwise on their web sites. We advertise 1-2 day DC jack repair service and always do our best to turn around every DC jack repair within that time frame. Sending your laptop to the manufacturer for repair (actually motherboard replacement) could take 8 - 12 weeks!

Is there any type of warranty or guarantee on your laptop DC jack repair service?

Yes! Every laptop power jack repair performed by our technicians comes with a full 12 month warranty. We stand behind our work and provide excellent service even though this is an extremely delicate job since your actually soldering on the motherboard.

Luckily we have NEVER had a laptop come back due to a bad power jack.

In the extremely rare event that your repair was not done properly, you can send your laptop back to us and we will not only make sure it is repaired properly by our lead technician, we will also cover the shipping both ways. We have been lucky to have built a 100% successful reputation with all Laptop DC jack repairs. Our techs actually go above beyond what is needed to secure a sturdy connection and we don't mind providing the full warranty.


We are LI Computer Repairs ™ (LICR) and we are here to help you. If you need a professional Long Island based Computer Repair Company you have come to the right place. Each of our technicians bring 10+ years experience and we are ready to fix any computer or laptop related problem you may be having. You always get fast, friendly, affordable service and all parts and labor come backed with a full 1 year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! Our service is usually inexpensive; often we charge only a fraction of what you will pay elsewhere. We work fast on most computer repairs and can usually do a return (fixed) time of 24-48 hours.

  • Our staff is comprised of ONLY professional PC & laptop computer technicians. Each tech is a member of our team. They must be friendly, informative and have a minimum of 10 years of experience. So, whether you need basic computer repairs or something a little more complicated we can help you solve your problems.

  • Our staff is fully capable and ready to handle a full range of computer repair services including: virus protection, spyware removal, data recovery, data back-up, data transfer, wireless networking & hard wired networks, software & hardware installations, updates, upgrades, laptop repairs etc. If you need fast or immediate computer repair services, you have come to the right place! We are here to help you!


We are centrally located in the heart of Nassau County, NY (across from Nassau Coliseum). Our team is very proud of our work and to have built a stellar reputation here in Long Island as well as within the computer repair industry for fast, professional, affordable PC & laptop computer repair service! Let us perform a free computer repair inspection & virus scan to figure out what is wrong with your computer before you decide whether you wish to pay for the repair. If it is not cost efficient then we can even help you get into a different unit and transfer all of your important information over.

If you would like to ship your laptop to our workshop (please call for address & packaging instructions). Either way your free inspection and estimate will be ready within 24 hours after we have your computer. Our technicians are all Long Islanders (born & raised) and we service all towns in Nassau & Suffolk counties. We are an experienced full service Nassau County computer repair company specializing in fast laptop repair & personal computer repair services including: parts replacement, hardware & software, data recovery, data transfer & back-up solutions, virus detection & removal, system restore/upgrades, installations etc. You can see below that we are located within minutes from most locations here in Nassau County, so give us a call and come say hello! We are here to help you.


5 things you must know to avoid needing computer repairs & virus removal services. The information below will help you prevent unwanted computer problems:

  1. You MUST be running an effective anti-virus program which is up to date and works well with your computer including: network, wireless network, operating system etc. Premium virus protection programs alert you when updates are ready & help protect your system. Even the most basic threats can be very frustrating and time consuming to remove. If not removed they can spread throughout your system and cause data loss, terminal damage etc.

  2. You MUST utilize an effective spyware (spy ware) detection & removal program as frequently as possible. Some problems activate after a series of "actions" and cleaning out your system will help remove any bad files that are already in place.

  3. Make sure you have a current (NEW) operating system and utilize a properly set up firewall that works well with your network & programs. If you are not protecting your operating system it is almost a matter of time until a threat finds a way into your computer and causes problems.

  4. NEVER open attachments unless you expect the message and know who sent it. Sometimes files inside emails and other messages can be dangerous. If you download things you are unsure of you are just pressing your luck because any of the millions of emails that are sent daily can contain malicious files which will corrupt or terminally damage your operating system once downloaded. This is easily avoided if you simply PROTECT YOUR SYSTEM.

  5. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA! Business computers and personal computers hosting important information should be backed up daily. Your computer can automatically be backed up every day and you don't have to do anything. In rare cases of blackouts, power surges and motherboard issues the data on your computer can be lost forever so it is a good idea to frequently back up any information that is important to you and your business.
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